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Are you an outdoorsman who owns a gun and is looking for the best way to travel with it? What if you could go on any outdoor adventure and your gun was safe, secure and right by your side, meeting all TSA regulations at the same time? Well, now you can with one of these 7 best TSA approved gun cases. From lightweight hard-shell rifle cases to stylishly utilitarian soft bags, this list has the perfect case for your lifestyle or budget. Whether you prefer traveling light or adding protection that won’t weigh down your trip, we’ve got something here to fit every need – so keep reading!

Best Budget

Budget Airline Approved Case

Flambeau Tactical

Best Overall

Overall Best TSA Approved Gun Case

Pelican Air 1745 Long Case

Best Pistol Case

Pelican Air 1485

Pelican Air 1485 Gun Case

Gun Safety: Why essential to use TSA-approved gun cases when traveling?

Gun safety is of paramount importance, especially when traveling. Packing and transporting firearms can be challenging, as laws differ from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, and oversight at security checkpoints is tight.

That is why owning a TSA-approved gun case is so important – it helps streamline the process and keep the firearm secure while maintaining compliance with the law.

This post will cover the top 7 approved gun cases, so you can rest assured that whatever option you choose to protect your firearms won’t put you in violation of TSA regulations.

Overview of types of TSA approved gun cases available on the market

With the increasing popularity of firearms, gun cases have become an essential purchasing decision for many. Navigating the market can be tricky due to the wide variety available: hard-shell, soft-shell, camouflage, wheeled TSA gun cases, rifle cases, double rifle cases, etc.

Of all these options, TSA gun cases are some of the most sought after due to their ability to make traveling with your gun streamlined, secure and stress-free. There is an array of TSA approved gun cases that offer different levels of protection depending on various factors such as size and material used.

Whether you prefer a discreet design, impact protection or maximum shock absorption, only you can find the perfect case to suit your needs.

Overview of TSA Requirements on Gun Cases

Regarding gun cases, guidelines set in place by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) must be followed.

The regulations guide approved materials and the size of cases allowed for transport by air. TSA recommends that travelers use a hard-sided case made of metal, wood, or reinforced plastic with at least two locks for security.

To ensure you’re TSA compliant read through the TSA rules and check out our top recommended gun cases specifically designed to meet the airline’s requirements and TSA rules for storing and carrying firearms in airports. Each has something special to offer and can help you confidently travel with your firearm according to international airline standards.

Review of top 7 best TSA-approved gun cases

When transporting firearms, top-of-the-line TSA-approved gun cases are essential in providing secure yet accessible storage. With so many cases on the market, finding the perfect one can be daunting.

That is why this post reviews the top 7 best TSA approved gun cases, highlighting and analyzing key features such as size, material, and locks. Each style has been carefully chosen for its quality and reliability, ensuring you find a case perfect for your needs–and peace of mind.

So if you’re searching for a trusted transport solution to keep your firearm safe from unauthorized handling or theft, look no further than these top TSA-approved gun cases.

7 Best TSA-Approved Gun Cases

Pelican Air 1745 Long Case

Best Overall Gun Case

Key Features

  • Waterproof, crushproof, dustproof
  • Super-light proprietary HPX²™ Polymer – up to 40% lighter
  • Press and Pull™ Latches
  • Quiet Rolling Stainless-Steel Bearing Wheels
  • User-customizable Pick N Pluck™ foam
  • Fold down over molded handle.
  • Waterproof O-ring seal
  • Business card holder
  • Automatic Pressure Equalization Valve – balances interior pressure, keeps water out
  • Stainless steel padlock holes
  • IP67 & MIL-SPEC certified

The Pelican Air 1745 Long Case is an excellent hard case for anyone who needs a TSA-approved gun case.

This hard case is made from a lightweight and durable material, making it suitable for both everyday use and long-distance air travel too. It has high quality foam to protect your weapon and other valuable items.

To make it even better, the aviation-grade construction of the Pelican Air 1745 Long Case fits all relevant airline regulations, so you can feel confident about taking your item securely wherever you go.

With its lightweight design and superior protective qualities, Pelican’s revolutionary long side handgun case, is definitely a worthy contender as one of the top 7 TSA approved gun cases available today.

Pelican Vault V800

Airline Approved Rifle Case

Key Features

  • Six push button latches offer secure closure with easy-open access
  • Carry two scoped rifles with absolute confidence
  • High-impact polymer assures protection of your firearm, via road, trail or air
  • Crushproof, dustproof, and weather resistant
  • Heavy duty handles are ergonomic and will stand up in even the toughest conditions
  • Four layers of protective foam

The Pelican Vault V800 is an excellent TSA-approved case choice for gun owners who need to transport firearms during travel. The Vault provides a protective waterproof seal and shell made of high-impact structural polymer so you can rest assured that your firearms will remain safe and secure.

This pick includes 2 lockable hasps with stainless steel reinforcements, key locks and heavy-duty hinges, making it nearly impossible for unwelcome intruders to access your guns.

With each purchase comes removable foam that you can customize to fit whatever size firearm or accessories you choose, providing multiple layers of protection.

And if that’s not enough, the game changer here might be the lifetime guarantee that comes with a Pelican Vault V800; great peace of mind for all gun owners!

SKB Double Rifle Transport Gun Case (TSA Approved Rifle Case)

SKB Airline Approved Rifle Case

Key Features

  • Capable of accommodating two rifles with SKB’s trademarked bunk bed storage system
  • airline approved (ATA 300)
  • SKB’s unique Perfect Match Valance Bending System for a perfect seal
  • HDPE shell with weather resistant O-ring seal
  • stackable design
  • bumper protected hardware
  • patented industrial strength latches
  • Durable built-in poly wheels
  • carry and tow handles for easy transport
  • Unconditional Lifetime Warranty
  • $1500 Content Coverage”

Packing a firearm for transport can be difficult, and selecting the right case is the first step.

The SKB Double Rifle Transport Case offers secure protection and transportation of 2 long guns at once. Constructed with a durable and abrasion-resistant outer shell, this case has a crushproof design with a textured surface that helps minimize scratches and scuffs.

In addition, the included adjustable nylon straps will keep your firearms firmly in place and securely locked away with 8 padlock locations for maximum security.

This TSA-approved gun case ensures you stay compliant on the go and arrive safely at your destination with all your gear intact.

Eylar Protective Roller Gun Case

Eylar Tactical Rolling Rifle Case

Key Features

  • External: 53″ x 16″ x 6.12″ Internal: 50.5″ x 13.5″ x 5.25″ Weighs 24.2 lbs
  • Designed to secure two rifles or combination with optics and gear.
  • IP67 Waterproof protection for up to 1 meter fully submerged with a rubber gasket lining.
  • Includes 3 layers of foam, 1 fully customizable pull & pluck cubed layer, 1 solid foam layer and 1 layer of egg-crate foam padding.
  • Meets TSA Requirements, two padlock adaptable fittings allow for secure storage at home or on the go.
  • Travel roller case with pressure equalization valve. Limited Lifetime Warranty

The Eylar Protective Roller Case is designed to provide the optimal in securing firearms while traveling.

The TSA-approved case features multiple layers of steel, foam padding, and a programmable TamperAlert lock Alert System that sounds an alarm when the zipper security system has been breached.

It holds two rifles or shotguns with barrel lengths up to 50″, has enough room for handguns and ammo, and comes with an optional foam interior to provide extra protection for your firearms.

This case offers the ultimate protection for both your firearms and peace of mind – it’s the perfect solution for all your traveling firearm needs.

Pelican 1720 Protector Long Gun Case

Pelican Cases: 1720

Key Features

  • 3-piece foam set
  • Strong polyurethane wheels with stainless steel bearings
  • Watertight, crushproof, and dustproof
  • Open cell core with solid wall design – strong, light weight
  • Fold-down side handles on both ends additional carrying options
  • New fold-down over-molded top and side handles
  • Easy open double-throw latches
  • Stainless steel hardware and padlock protectors
  • Automatic Pressure Equalization Valve – balances interior pressure, keeps water out
  • O-ring seal
  • 12 lid bosses for mounting of multiple 1500MP EZ-Click™  MOLLE Panels

The Pelican 1720 Protector Long Case is the perfect choice for gun enthusiasts who need a secure fit TSA-approved case for their firearms.

This case is made from high-strength polycarbonate and features a watertight, airtight, and dustproof design to keep your guns safe and secure.

The Pelican 1720 also has an automatic pressure equalization valve that keeps multiple guns, one gun and the contents of the case at the same pressure as the outside atmosphere, preventing damage to your firearms due to changes in altitude or temperature.

Pelican Air 1485 Gun Case

Pelican Air 1485

Key Features

  • Waterproof, crushproof, dustproof
  • Super-light proprietary HPX²™ Polymer – up to 40% lighter
  • Press and Pull™ Latches
  • User-customizable Pick N Pluck™ foam
  • Fold down overmolded handle
  • Waterproof O-ring seal
  • User-customizable Pick N Pluck™ foam
  • Two padlock holes
  • IP67 & MIL-SPEC certified
  • Made in the USA

The Pelican Air 1485 is an awesome TSA-approved gun case (pistol case). It features an impressive pressure purge system that equalizes the air pressure inside and outside, keeping your gun safe from the elements while traveling.

Additionally, the elongated integrated handle, as well as its light but rugged construction, makes it easy to transport your guns on any journey. Most notably, this gun case has a highly secure pad lockable latch to ensure that all of your firearms are kept secured during travel.

With a lifetime guarantee and defense readiness in mind, the Pelican Air 1485 is undoubtedly one of the best cases for transporting guns anywhere!

Flambeau Tactical Hard Gun Case

Budget Airline Approved Case

Key Features

  • RUGGED CONSTRUCTION: The hard plastic exterior of the case protects your firearms from hard impact and generalwear andd tear.The convolutedd foam inside provides additional support – the interior foam padding insulates the guns against shock due to falls.
  • ZERUST ANTI-CORROSION TECHNOLOGY: Includes an anti-corrosion Zerust tab that releasecorrosion-inhibitingting vapor that forms a protective layer on metal to stop rust. Provides a minimum of 5 years of protection.
  • SECURE CLOSURES: This Flambeau Outdoors gun case is designed with four locking points for ,safe secure closure of your weapon during storage and transport.
  • SMART STORAGE DESIGN: Includes 10″ x 13″ magazine storage dividers infused with anti-corrosion Zerust technology and Velcro straps for securing gun and magazines inside.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Interior dimensions are 40″ L x 12″ W x 4″ D. Meets TSA andsafe airlinee requirements.They are madee in the U.S.A.
  • Affordable price

The Flambeau Tactical Hard Gun Case is a lightweight and reliable option for safely transporting your firearm. It is among the our top TSA-approved gun cases due to its strength and durability, even during long treks.

The interior foam lining provides optimal protection for your firearm heavy-duty heavy duty handles allow for easy transport.

Additionally, the case features two padlocks, hollowing, and g allows for additional security. It’s perfect for military personnel, hunters, target shooters or anyone who likes to take their weapons out on the road.

Whether you’re using the key or a side key or combination lock used on it to protect a shotgun or handguns, this reliable case master key ensures your investment remains safe and sound

Flying with a Firearm Checklist

  1. Verify that weapon is unloaded and place it in a hard-sided, locked case.
  2. Ensure that the ammunition is also stored in a separate container, such as a factory box, and place it in the same locked case as the firearm.
  3. Declare the firearm and ammunition to the airline at the time of check-in.
  4. Obtain a declaration card from the airline and fill it out completely.
  5. Present the declaration card and locked firearm case to TSA officers at the security checkpoint.
  6. Make sure you are using a TSA approved lock on firearm case.
  7. Follow any additional instructions from the TSA officer regarding inspection of the firearm.
  8. Be prepared to answer airline and TSA staff questions.
  9. Ensure that the firearm is legal to transport in both the departure and arrival locations.
  10. Review all applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations regarding weapons transportation.
  11. Double-check that all necessary permits and licenses are in order and up-to-date please be polite.
  12. Arrive early to allow for extra time at check-in and security screening.
  13. Be courteous and respectful to TSA officers and airline staff throughout the process.

Tips for safe transport with your gun case and maintaining security on flights and at airports

It’s essential to take extra precautions when packing weapons securely and safely while traveling. Utilizing a TSA-approved gun cases is critical to ensuring your gun is kept secure on a law enforcement level.

While carrying your gun case, make sure that it is sealed, locked (TSA locks), and stored separately from any other baggage for additional safety. Additionally, you should be aware of any airline regulations for weapons transport to ensure you and checked luggage are in line with the necessary security protocols.

When passing through TSA checkpoints, always be respectful and compliant with the TSA agents instructions to maintain an organized screening process. Traveling with firearms can be nerve-wracking but follow these steps, and you will have a smooth experience!

Final Thoughts: Why it is important to choose the right gun case for travel

The right gun case can make all the difference when traveling with firearms. With so many TSA-approved cases now available, choosing the right one that meets the TSA regulations outlined in this post is essential.

this post is essential.

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