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When it comes to outdoor gear, I’ve always been a bit of a geek. I mean, who isn’t thrilled about new gadgets that can make scouting easier? With the rise of cellular game cameras hunters remotely monitor what is happening on their hunting property without the need to be there. In this blog post we are going to cover the best cellular trail cameras on the market and what we think about them after putting them to the test.

What to look for in the best cellular trail camera?

When we are looking into buying a new cellular trail camera, there are a few things that we look for.

Image quality

One of the first things we look for in a cellular trail camera or in trail cameras in general  is its image quality and features that allow you to set the image resolution to low or high.

The ability to adjust the image resolution really comes in handy for different scenarios. In our experience with cell cams, having the ability to reduce the resolution of the image helps increase the cameras battery life.

Video Quality

We also like to look for cellular trail cams with video capture and have hd video capabilities. Trail cameras with high video resolution really allow you to see how deer and other game are using and moving through an area.

Long Battery Life with option for Integrated Solar Panel

Because of how a cell camera operates, its important that it has good battery life and the ability to be used with a solar panel. Cell cams are different from other cameras because they often burn through batteries significantly faster.

This is due the them needing to connect to cellular networks in order to transmit photos. We quickly learned that by hooking our cameras up to solar power we could easily get up to a year of life before needing to replace the batteries. A cellular trail camera with a solar compatability is a great option for those who want to keep their cameras running even in remote locations.

Detection Range

The camera’s detection range is another aspect we look at when purchasing a cellular camera. Good game cameras should have a wide detection range that can capture day and night photos from a distance. Make sure that you know what the detection range is for taking both day and night photos. Most trail cams have a shorter range during the night.

Trigger Speed

Selecting a trail camera that has good trigger speed is also important. If your trail camera is to slow to pick up an animal moving down the trail this could lead to missing out on a lot of the game that moves through. In a lot of situations we like to use cameras with a fast trigger speed and burst mode so that we are able to get multiple pictures before the animal moves out of view.

Best Cellular Trail Camera

1. Tactacam Reveal X Gen 2.0 Cellular Trail Camera

Best Cellular Trail Cameras


First on our list of the Best Cellular Trail Cameras is the Reveal X Gen 2.0. The first thing we noticed about this trail camera was how easy it was to set up. The camera is compatible with multiple networks, Verizon and AT&T, and comes with both sim cards so that you can decide which network after the purchase. This camera uses aa batteries but Tactacam offers rechargeable batteries. Overall what we liked most about the Tactacam Reveal X 2.0 compared to other trail cameras was the picture quality and how easy to use the app is.

Key Features

  • Sub 1/2s trigger speeds

  • High quality photos

  • Requires AA batteries

  • Adjustable night illumination at 96+ft

  • Detects animals at 96+ft

  • Low Glow IR Technology

  • Hybrid mode allows more pictures to be taken

  • External port for solar panel

  • One year warranty

Cellular Functions

  • Activate cameras only when you need them

  • Operates on AT&T or Verizon nationwide LTE/4G networks

  • LED indicator showing signal strength and battery level

  • Month-to-month data plans

  • No contracts/activation fees

  • Easy-to-use mobile app with daily camera status reports

2. Reconyx HyperFire 2 Cellular Trail Camera

Reconyx HyperFire 2 Cellular Trail Camera


Number 2 on our list of the best cellular trail cameras is the Reconyx HyperFire2. Why does this trail camera work so well? Well for starters it has a blazing fast trigger speed of 0.2 seconds while having a 150 foot infrared flash range. Another thing we noticed while testing this camera was the insane battery life. The camera runs of 12 aa batteries and has a rated battery life of 40,000 photos or 2 years. We also liked how the camera is compatible with an sd card up to 512GB. This reduced the amount of times we needed to clear the card during hunting season. This cellular camera also has a 5 year warranty which is significantly better than other cameras.

Key Features

  • 0.2-second trigger speed

  • 150-foot (45 m) NoGlow Covert Infrared Flash Range

  • 720P HD Video with Audio (cellular-enabled cameras do not transmit video)

  • 5 Year Warranty

  • Made in the USA

  • 1080P Wide Screen or 3MP Standard Image Resolution

  • Battery Life of 5,000 Images or 1 Year (External solar panel available)

Cellular Features

  • 4G LTE Cellular Enabled, allowing you to receive images from your camera through the Reconyx Mobile App.

  • Cost-effective data plans start at only $5 per month with no long-term contracts.

  • Plans are offered through Verizon or AT&T.

3. Exodus Render Cellular Trail Camera

Exodus Render


Number 3 on our list of the best cellular trail cameras is the Exodus Render. This is the only camera or manufacturer of cellular cameras that we know of offering a 5 year theft protection coverage. While testing this trail cam, we were extremely happy with the image quality and trigger speed when compared to the other trail cameras mentioned. This camera also boasts a 70 foot advertised detection range and the ability to record video. If you are looking for a dependable cell camera with a great warranty and flexible data plan then the Exodus Render is a great option.

Key Features

  • 5-Year No B.S. Warranty

  • 5 Year Theft and Damage Coverage

  • 0.3-second trigger speed

  • Battery Life: Good (External solar panel available)

Cellular Features

  • Flexible Data Plans

  • 25-second photo transmission

  • Remote access thru Scoutek

4. Stealth Cam Reactor Cellular Trail Camera

Stealth Cam Reactor


Moving on to the number 4 camera on our list of the best cellular trail cameras is the Stealth Cam Reactor. We have been using Stealth Cam products for several years and they have not disappointed with their cell cameras. This Stealth Cam uses the command pro app which we found easy to use and setup. Within the command pro app you also have the ability to download images in hd. If someone is in the market for a good budget cellular trail camera that doesn’t compromise on image quality, the Stealth Cam Reactor is a great choice. Stealth Cam has been a trusted trail cam company for over 2 decades and does not disappoint with this Trail Camera. This camera sports all the features one would want in a camera at an affordable price point.

Key Features

  • 26 Megapixels (high-quality photos )

  • 100-ft detection and IR range

  • 0.4-second trigger speed

  • 1080 Video Resolution

  • 4 Image Resolutions: 26MP / 16MP / 8MP / 4MP

  • Battery Life: 1.5 months (External solar panel available)

  • sd card not included

Cellular Features

  • AT&T or Verizon Data Plans

  • Upload Video Clips at Low and High Resolutions

  • Easily change camera settings through the Command app

  • Different Data Plans to better fit your needs

5. Moultrie Mobile Edge Cellular Trail Camera

Moultrie Mobile Edge


Last but not least on our list of the Best Cellular Trail Cameras for 2023 is the Moultrie Edge Cellular Trail Camera. For the price point this cellular trail cam offers better image quality than I expected while offering unlimited cloud storage. With this camera, there is no need to worry about what cellular provider to choose from since Moultrie Mobile Edge trail cameras work on multiple major U.S. networks and their auto detect feature automatically connects to the strongest network in your area.

Key Features

  • 33MP High Quality Images & HD 720p Video

  • 0.85-second trigger speed

  • 80 ft detection range

  • No SD card required through use of Moultrie Mobile App

  • Battery Life: 1 Year @ instant upload of 12 images per day (External solar available)

Cellular Features

  • No need to choose a cellular carrier

  • Auto Connect Technology

  • Easy Setup

How are they different from regular trail cameras?

Cellular trail cameras look very similar to your typical trail cameras, with the one major difference being the ability to send the images directly to your phone. Most cellular trail cameras require cellular networks to send photos and videos to your mobile device.

Why switch to cellular trail cameras?

A cellular trail camera can be a great option for people who hunt long distances from home or are trying to keep human presence in their hunting spot to a minimum. With this innovation in trail camera technology, a person is able to receive images without the need to go to the camera site.

Do I need to use the same network provider as my cell phone?

Usually, these questions surround cell phones. Contrary to popular belief, using specific cameras doesn’t require being connected to a network similar to one of your cell phones to access the device.

Do cellular trail cameras have bad battery life?

Cellular cameras can see excess battery consumption when you don’t have the strongest signal or is constantly sending a lot of images and videos. If the signal strength is causing problems with your batteries a cell cam signal booster could resolve this issue. If the cell cam signal booster does not fix the issue then it will be best switch the cellular network to one that provides the strongest signal.


Wrapping things up, investing in top-notch cellular trail cameras can revolutionize your outdoor experience. Whether you’re a hunter looking to replace older trail cameras or just getting into the sport, these trail cameras offer real-time insights without the need to physically check them. Having tested and trudged through the woods with many, I can vouch for the game-changing nature of these devices.

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