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Are you a hunter looking to maximize your chances of success in the field? If so, then you’ve come to the right place! OnX maps is an app specifically designed for hunters and outdoorsmen that provides detailed maps, scouting tools, terrain features, and more for outdoor adventures.

With this comprehensive guide to using OnX Hunt for hunting season, you’ll have access to all the information needed to get out there and return with a successful hunt. So if you’re eager for action for this hunting season, read on as we demystify how best to use apps and services like OnX Hunt!


  • An Overview of the OnX Hunt App and How it Can Help You This Hunting Season

  • Benefits of Using OnX to Plan Your Next Hunting Trip

  • Tips for Making the Most of the OnX Features

  • Take Advantage Of All The Features That Make OnX So Valuable During a Hunting Trip

An Overview of the OnX Hunt App and How it Can Help You This Hunting Season

The OnX Hunt app is invaluable for hunters of all levels this season. It gives access to essential data such as public land/private land boundaries, roads, trails, etc. With the information provided by this app, hunters can plan their trips efficiently and safely while making sure they stay within land boundaries.

Additionally, the OnX Hunt app also makes it easier to find water sources, open trails, and potential campsites in a region, helping you get better acquainted with your hunting area to make the most of your outdoor adventures.

Top Features of the OnX Hunt Apps

  • Map Layers- Public land, Private land, etc.

  • Base Maps- Allows you to view Satellite, Topo, or a Hybrid of both

  • Ability to save content- Offline maps(Saves cellular data and allows use with no service)

  • Tools: Waypoints, lines, area shape, mark my location, and wind calendar

    • Waypoints are great for marking stand locations, tracks, camp, game, etc.

    • Lines can be used to measure distances outdoors.

  • Offline Maps: No service? No problem, just save your maps before the hunt while you have internet access.

Benefits of Using OnX App to Plan Your Next Hunting Trip

The OnX Hunt app gives private and public land hunters the edge while planning a hunting trip. It provides users with state-of-the-art navigational features and offers layers that show public land and private land access details, topography, roads, trails, and to understand better understand where you are using up-to-date satellite imagery.

Additionally, its intuitive design lets you quickly jump between different locations in real-time, which can be invaluable information when tracking the game on large tracts of public land. Thus, if you are looking for an all-in-one solution to ensure a successful hunt this season, look no further than the OnX Hunt app.

Tips for Making the Most of OnX Maps

OnX Hunt features detailed maps and can help you scout potential hunting spots, keep track of your routes, and create game plans weeks ahead of time.

Layers Feature

Map Layers

State-Specific Layers

To make the most out of this fantastic feature, hunters utilize the layers to refine and enhance the level of detail on the map screen. The layers are state-specific, so you can adjust the layer settings for different states.

Some of the layers in the OnX hunt apps include:

  • Private Lands(will show landowner names)

  • Gov. Lands (Public Land)

  • Possible Access

  • Game Management Units

  • Walk In Hunting Areas

Current Conditions Layer

Current Conditions

This layer allows you to log in to access up-to-date conditions (weather/wind direction) and collect more about the area that you are hunting.

Some of the Current Conditions Layers include:

  • Active Wildfire

  • Drought Data

  • Air Quality

  • Precipitation Radar

  • CWD Positive Counties

  • CWD Zones and Locations

  • Smoke Forecast

Land and Access Layers

Land & Access

This layer allows you to better navigate and understand the lay of the land that you plan to hunt and also allows you to view Fish & Wildlife Service Lands or RMEF conservation projects.

Some of the Land & Access layers include:

  • Wilderness Areas

  • USFWS Hunt Areas

  • Slope Angle

  • Sections

  • Rayonier Hunting Lease Lands

  • Legacy Wildlife Hunting Leases

  • Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation

  • Pheasants Forever and Quail Forever

  • Fort Bridger Treaty of 1863

  • Great Lakes Bathymetry

Roads, Trails, & Rec

Roads, Trails & Rec

This layer category is where you will learn to find trails, hiking and recreation sites.

This category includes the layers:

  • Trails(open trails & closed trails)

  • Trail Slope

  • Trail Mileages

  • Roadless Areas

  • Motorized Roads and Trails(open trails & closed trails)

  • Recreation Sites

  • Forest Visitor Maps

Trees, Crops, and Cover

Trees, Crops & Cover

This layer category is handy for checking out past timber cuts and burn areas or seeing what crops have been planted on the agricultural lands.

This category includes the layers:

  • Timber Cuts

  • Historic Wildfire

  • US Crop Distribution

  • Wetland

  • Acorn Producing Oaks

  • Thermal Deer Cover

  • Deciduous vs. Coniferous

  • Coniferous Tree Distribution

  • Deciduous Tree Distribution

  • Young Aspen Forests

Wildlife Layers

Wildlife Layers

This layer category is great for zeroing in on the species of game that you will be hunting.

This category includes the layers:

  • Southern Rut Heat Map

  • Boone & Crockett Whitetail Trend

  • Elk Distribution Map

  • Mule Deer Distribution Map

  • Elk B&C Records Last 10 Years

  • Mule Deer B&C Records Last 10 Years

  • Pronghorn B&C Records Last 10 Years

  • Turkey Sub-Species Distribution

  • Boone and Crockett Trophy Big Game Records

  • Prairie Dogs



  • Line Distance– great for measuring distances or hiking routes

  • Area Shape– gives you the ability to see the acreage of a certain area

  • Add Photo– Ability to take or add a photo from your phone or device

  • Add Waypoint– Ability to mark locations with a vast selection of choices to choose from

  • Mark My Location– This will mark your current location with a waypoint.

  • Wind Calendar– Shows you the wind direction for your location

Offline Maps

Offline Maps

The offline maps option allows you to save maps when you know the area that you will be exploring may not have any cellular service. When saving offline maps it is important to note that you should have all the layers you plan on using on while saving to ensure that you have them when you need them.

Saved Content

You also have the ability to save your content in the app which can come in handy while offline. I have my content (waypoints, lines, etc.) saved in folders for specific states.

Saved Content

Take Advantage Of All The Features That Make OnX Maps So Valuable During Outdoor Adventures

With OnX Hunt, hunters can be prepared and ready to maximize your hunting trip. An invaluable tool for success, OnX helps you find new areas to explore to get the best out of your hunt while logging all the information you gather.

With detailed topographical maps, aerial imagery, GPS tracking, and advanced scout map layer strategies, you can confidently plan a route during any weather or terrain. You also have access to property lines, boundaries and ownership details to avoid trespassing. Utilizing all these features offered by the OnX Hunt app will ensure that you an organized and informed every step of your way, leading to a successful hunting season.

Overall, OnX Hunt App is an invaluable tool for hunters this season. With its numerous features and varying levels of detail, it can help you find the best areas for your desired type of hunting. Furthermore, using OnX maps will give you insight additional information into when to look for your prey and where to venture out to get you the most successful hunt possible. There’s nothing quite like exploring areas others overlook and claiming unheard territories as your own! Knowing where the game is daily will give you an edge over any competition. Whether you’re hunting solo or in a group, OnX Hunt can put you ahead of the game this hunting season – what more could you want?

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