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Testing Whitetail Institute Food Plot Seed

To have a successful food plot, you must start with quality seeds. We put the Whitetail Institute food plot seed to the test. We wanted to see if it lived up to the hype and was worth the investment. Keep reading to see our comprehensive review of Whitetail Institute Imperial Clover, Pure Attraction, and Winter Peas.

So what is the Whitetail Institute?

They are one of the nation’s leading producers of wildlife management products, committed to creating and providing food plots, supplemental nutrition, and other resources that help improve the overall quality of life for whitetails and wild turkeys. For more information about the Whitetail Institute, check out their website.

Types of food plot seeds available from the Whitetail Institute.

With spring and fall seed planting essential for a successful food plot, the Whitetail Institute offers a wide variety of options. Whether your focus is on enhancing your hunting land or adding nutrients to the soil, their vast selection of products can help you succeed in wildlife management.

Spring Planting

For spring season plantings, they offer Imperial Clover featuring quick establishing clover varieties packed with nutrition and will provide long-term plantings for years to come.


Fall Planting

Lastly, from their fall planting blends, “Pure Attraction” and “Winter Peas” are excellent choices for those looking to provide a higher protein solution to their wildlife management needs.



Results from planting and growing a variety of food plot seeds from the Whitetail Institute

We’ve been growing a variety of Whitetail Institute food plot seeds this season and have achieved good results. Planting the plots was easy, and we now see the benefits of our effort.

We succeeded with Imperial Clover, Winter Peas, and Pure Attraction foraging blend. Seeing even greater tonnage for the wild game. We look forward to continuing exemplary performance with these products.

Tips and Tricks I’ve Learned Based on my experience using Whitetail Institute products

Soil Preparation

Setting up a successful wildlife management system can be a challenge. However, the key is to analyze soil types and composition properly for enhanced performance and greater tonnage.

Luckily, the Whitetail Institute has soil sampling kits to generate soil sample reports that break down soil types and soil composition. With this information, you can select the right product with proper dosages tailored to your soil and land types.

Good soil optimization plus exposure to essential rain and minimal heat and droughty conditions combined with Whitetail Institute products ensure you have top-notch deer nutrition for bigger bucks and a successful land management system.

Wrapping Things Up

The Whitetail Institute of North America has done a great job of providing valuable products that make it easier to manage and hold whitetail deer and turkeys on your property. Their food plot seed is designed to be easy to use and has yielded outstanding performance in many instances, as I have experienced firsthand.

If you’re interested in improving the habitat on your property, give Whitetail Institute products a try – you won’t be disappointed!

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