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Grouping crossbow broadheads with field points can be quite the challenge. To accurately group your sets of arrows, you must check and adjust various components of your crossbow set up. In this article, we will provide tips on how to correctly group your crossbow broadheads with field points so that your shots are consistently accurate every time. Whether you’re a beginner or expert shooter, these results driven strategies will help ensure consistent accuracy in a hunt – get ready to hit the mark!

How Do I Group My Crossbow Broadheads With My Field Points: Tips & Tricks

If you are having trouble grouping your crossbow broadheads with field points:

  • Inspect and test your crossbow hardware, tiller, string, etc.

  • Use identical brand and weight arrows while testing. (Make sure arrows are properly rated for your specific crossbow)

  • Try a different type of fletching

Inspect and Test Your Crossbow

If you are having trouble grouping your broadheads with your field points the first thing you should check is your crossbow. Make sure that all bolts are tight and make sure that nothing is damaged, scratched, or worn.

Once you know that everything is tight and nothing is damaged make sure that the timing, tiller, and string alignment are correct. If you do not have the proper equipment to check or fix something like timing and string alignment, you should consult with your local bow shop.

Inspecting and testing everything on your crossbow before using it is important. This will help you ensure the accuracy, safety, and overall performance of your crossbow when out in the field.

Use identical Brand and Weight Arrows with Your Field Points and Broadheads

When it comes to grouping crossbow broadheads with field points, it is important to use identical arrows for both and to make sure that your arrows are properly rated for the specific crossbow that you are using.

If you are still having trouble grouping your broadheads try using only one arrow. Test that one arrow with your broadhead over multiple shots and take note of your point of impact for each shot. If you are consistently hitting your target in the same location remove the broadhead and try it on a different arrow and repeat the process. If your new arrow is not shooting consistently and in the same location as the previous arrow it could mean the arrows have slight variations in shaft stiffness or an imbalanced fletching.

If you are consistently having problems with a specific brand or type of arrow try something new. Just remember, the most important thing to consider when selecting crossbow arrows is quality and making sure that they meet the specs for your bow, not how cool they look in the box.

Try a Different Type of Fletching

The type of fletching on your bolt can greatly affect how your broadheads group compared to your field points. If you have tried the recommended steps mentioned earlier in this article and are still having trouble try a different type of fletching. Different lengths and types of fletching are better suited for different types of broadheads.

Consider using broadheads with similar aerodynamics

When looking to group your crossbow broadheads with your field points, it is important to consider using broadheads with similar aerodynamics. Differences in the aerodynamic qualities of various broadheads can affect accuracy and grouping performance.

If you are struggling to achieve consistent groups shooting both type of arrow heads, switching or adjusting your choice of arrows could help fine tune your precision – which could be the difference between a successful hunt and ending up empty handed.

Broadhead aerodynamics impact flight trajectory as well as wind drift due to their inherent design differences; fixed-blade broadheads will have higher drag coefficients than mechanical blades resulting in more subdued trajectories but potentially compromised target penetration while mechanical blades may show increased launch speeds but ultimately varying impacts at greater distances.

Seek professional assistance if needed

It is highly recommended to seek professional assistance if fine-tuning and troubleshooting are needed for consistent grouping of crossbow broadheads with field points. This is because such tasks may involve precision alignment and shooting techniques that go beyond the basics, particularly when dealing with more complex batches of arrows or special aerodynamic designs on certain types of broadheads.

Professionals can draw from their experience, knowledge, and resources to determine optimal cock vane positions relative to accurate arrow flight paths, as well as experiment with different grip designs in order to identify problems and find solutions.

Consulting an expert could also help pinpoint potential bad habits or improper technique that might lead to broadly grouped shots throughout a hunting session.


Grouping crossbow broadheads and field points presents a major challenge to many hunters, especially beginners. With a little bit of effort and patience, however, it is possible to significantly improve accuracy and effectiveness.

Experiments with different cock vane placements as well as selecting similar aerodynamic broadheads also help when fine-tuning grouping accuracy. Finally, if difficulties persist even after completing these steps seeking professional assistance from an archery pro shop may be needed to ensure success in bringing down that trophy buck!

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