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Hawke XB30 Pro Crossbow Scope Review

The Hawke XB30 Pro Crossbow Scope is another top contender in the market, often considered as the one of the best crossbow scopes. It offers a wide field of view, illuminated reticles, and a speed selector, making it a versatile choice for various crossbow speeds. With its advanced crossbow scope features, it stands out among the competition and is a favorite among the best crossbow scopes available.

The Hawke XB30 Pro Crossbow Scope offers the following features:

  • Variable power magnification system

  • Speed ring for calibrating the scope to match the bow speed

  • 10-yard aim points out to 100 yards

  • Robust and versatile scope that can cater to a wide range of hunting needs.

Pros & Cons

The Hawke XB30 Pro Crossbow Scope offers:

  • Ease of setup

  • Adjustable mag ring

  • Excellent optics quality

  • 30mm mono-tube chassis for enhanced durability

  • Speed selector ring

One of the few drawbacks is that it has limited magnification options. However, this does not significantly detract from its overall performance and versatility.

Why We’d Recommend

The Hawke XB30 Pro Crossbow Scope, a product of Hawke Optics, is highly recommended for its versatility and excellent optics, making it a great choice for crossbow hunting. Its wide field of view, illuminated reflexes, and speed selector make it suitable for various hunting scenarios.

Moreover, it offers increased down-range accuracy due to its innovative reticle design with aim points up to 100 yards. This enhances its suitability for various crossbow speeds, making it a valuable tool for any serious hunter.

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