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The battle of the crossbows is on! TenPoint and Ravin are two of the leading crossbow manufacturers, and hunters around the world are eager to find out which brand will give them the best bang for their buck. In this thrilling comparison, we’ll delve into the nuances of speed, accuracy, design, cocking and decocking mechanisms, durability, hunting equipment compatibility, and price – all in the context of TenPoint vs Ravin crossbows. Ready to find the ultimate crossbow for your hunting adventures? Let’s dive in!

Short Summary

  • TenPoint and Ravin crossbows offer exceptional speed, accuracy & design!

  • Both brands prioritize safety with their cocking/decocking mechanisms & maintenance tips.

  • Get the best value for your money with TenPoint or Ravin, perfect for any budget!

TenPoint vs Ravin: Performance Overview

TenPoint Crossbow
TenPoint Crossbow
Ravin Crossbow
Ravin Crossbow

When it comes to hunting equipment, performance is everything. TenPoint and Ravin crossbows offer a range of features that cater to the needs of hunters looking for the best crossbow on the market. In this section, we’ll explore how these two brands stack up in terms of speed, accuracy, and design.

Are you ready to discover which brand will make your hunting experience a cut above the rest?


Speed is crucial for hunting, as it allows for more accurate and spot-on shots with crossbow arrows. Both TenPoint and Ravin have models that boast incredible speeds. The Nitro 505 from TenPoint is their fastest crossbow, capable of shooting arrows at an awe-inspiring speed of 505 fps. On the other hand, Ravin raises the bar with their R500 series, reaching speeds up to an astonishing 500 fps. Your not going to see speeds like that with a compound bow. It’s worth noting that factors such as temperature, wind, humidity, and the age of strings and cables can affect crossbow speeds. However, both brands ensure that their crossbows deliver top-notch performance even in challenging conditions.

While having a fast crossbow is essential, it’s also important to consider the ethical aspect of hunting. Most bow hunters agree that shooting a crossbow at 100 yards is not ethical, even in perfect conditions. A well-placed shot within 40 yards is the efficient range for bow hunters. It’s crucial to remember that a heavier arrow is far more important than speed when it comes to hunting success.


Accuracy is another critical aspect of hunting performance. TenPoint crossbows are renowned for their accuracy and dependability, with an average group size of 3 inches at 50 yards. Ravin crossbows, on the other hand, are known for their exceptional accuracy, with an average group size of 2.7 inches at 50 yards. The Trac-Trigger Firing System and HeliCoil Technology of Ravin crossbows contribute to their extraordinary precision. These features ensure that the cams remain perfectly balanced and level when drawing and shooting the crossbow.

Bow hunters should strive to reach maximum efficiency when shooting from 40 yards or less. For further distances, accuracy may suffer. Both TenPoint and Ravin crossbows deliver impressive accuracy at this range. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that external factors like wind and humidity can affect the shot’s accuracy. So practice is key to maximize your hunting success.


Innovation, aesthetics, and functionality are crucial when it comes to crossbow design. TenPoint has released three outstanding new crossbows for 2023, including the highly anticipated Ten Point Shadow NXT.

  1. The Flatline 460: a compact crossbow designed for both long-range and short-range shooting.

  2. The Stealth 450: their fastest forward-draw crossbow ever, reaching 450 fps.

  3. The Oracle X versions: advanced crossbows with additional features.

Ravin offers the following features:

  • HexCoil Cam System, which rotates the cams a jaw-dropping 360 degrees, transforming speed and accuracy like never before

  • Frictionless Flight System that allows the arrow and string to free float above the rail

  • Versa-Draw Cocking System, an ultra-compact, integrated cocking mechanism within the sleek stock design

Both brands continuously improve their powerful crossbow and compound bow designs, creating high-performance hunting equipment that caters to the needs of modern hunters.

TenPoint vs Ravin: Cocking and Decocking Mechanisms

Cocking and decocking mechanisms are vital aspects of a crossbow’s performance, as they influence the ease of use and safety during hunting.

Let’s explore the differences between TenPoint and Ravin crossbows when it comes to their cocking and decocking mechanisms.

Cocking Mechanisms

TenPoint crossbows feature an impressive variety of cocking mechanisms, including the ACUdraw and ACUslide systems. The ACUdraw is a fully integrated, user-friendly crank cocking device that reduces the draw weight to 5 pounds.

Ravin crossbows, on the other hand, feature the Ravin R20 cocking system, which is also a fully integrated, user-friendly crank cocking device that reduces the draw weight to 5 pounds. The difference in technology is visible in the Ravin R500 series, which features a clean-looking cocking mechanism with no ropes and straps, while the TenPoint Nitro 505 has a more traditional design with straps that can come off.

The introduction of the Electric Drive System in the Ravin R500E adds another layer of innovation, allowing users to cock and decock their crossbow with just a push of a button and a detachable 12-volt lithium battery.

Decocking Methods

When it comes to decocking methods, safety and convenience are paramount. The safest way to de-cock a TenPoint crossbow without the ACUslide cocking device is to shoot a practice arrow into a target or use TenPoint’s ACUdraw De-Cock, a crossbow decocker.

On Ravin crossbows, the process is simpler, as you just uncrank to decock. Both brands prioritize safety and ease of use in their decocking methods, ensuring a secure and enjoyable hunting experience.

Crossbow Durability and Maintenance

Crossbow durability and maintenance are essential factors to consider when choosing a hunting companion. In this section, we’ll focus on the limbs, strings, and general upkeep required to ensure your TenPoint or Ravin crossbow remains in top shape for years to come.

The limbs of a crossbow are the most important part of the weapon. They are responsible for their own.

Limbs and Strings

The replacement frequency of TenPoint and Ravin crossbows limbs depends on usage and maintenance. It is highly recommended to inspect the limbs regularly and replace them if necessary.

As for strings and cables, both TenPoint and Ravin recommend replacing them every couple of years to maintain optimal performance and durability.

General Maintenance

Regular maintenance is vital to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your TenPoint or Ravin crossbow. Wiping surface dirt or grime, checking all nuts, bolts, and screws for tightness, and waxing and conditioning the string and cables regularly are essential steps to maintain your crossbow’s durability.

Both TenPoint and Ravin recommend the following maintenance for their crossbows:

  • Change the string and cables at least once every two years.

  • Use Alpha-Nock HP arrows on Nitro 505 crossbows to avoid voiding the warranty.

  • Use flight rail and trigger lube on axles, turnbuckles, and trigger boxes when needed.

Following these maintenance tips will ensure your crossbow remains in excellent condition for many hunting seasons.

Hunting Equipment Compatibility

Choosing a crossbow that is compatible with various hunting equipment is crucial for a successful hunting experience. In this section, we’ll compare TenPoint and Ravin crossbows in terms of custom arrow and scope compatibility.

TenPoint crossbows are designed with a ten point compatibility system, allowing them to work with a variety of arrows, including aluminum.

Custom Arrows

Custom arrows can significantly improve the accuracy of your crossbow. TenPoint offers a range of custom arrows, including centerpunch carbon arrow shafts with brass inserts and Bohning X Vanes. On the other hand, using custom arrows with Ravin crossbows will void the warranty. It’s essential to weigh the benefits of using custom arrows against the potential risks, such as voiding the warranty, when choosing a crossbow.

Ravin crossbows are designed to provide maximum accuracy and performance with their custom arrows, which feature a unique design that reduces wind drift and improves accuracy. Similarly, TenPoint’s custom arrows are designed to help you get your next trophy and are made of high-performance materials. The choice ultimately depends on the hunter’s preferences and requirements.

Scopes and Optics

Scopes and optics play a significant role in enhancing the accuracy and precision of your hunting shots. TenPoint offers a variety of scopes and optics for their crossbows, including the Rangemaster Pro Scope and the Evo-X Marksman Elite. These scopes are designed to provide maximum accuracy and precision, and they are lightweight and durable, ideal for hunting.

Ravin also offers an impressive range of scopes and optics, such as the Ravin R20 Scope and the Ravin R10 Scope. These scopes are designed to provide maximum accuracy and precision, and they are lightweight and ruggedly durable, perfect for hunting.

Both TenPoint and Ravin offer excellent scope and optic options for their crossbows, allowing hunters to choose the best fit for their needs.

Price and Value for Money

Finding the best crossbow for your budget is essential to ensure outstanding performance and accuracy while staying within your financial constraints. In this section, we’ll compare the price and value for money between TenPoint and Ravin crossbows to help you make the best decision for your hunting needs.

Cost Comparison

The price range for TenPoint crossbows in 2023 is between $2,599.99 and $3,349. In comparison, ravin crossbows are generally less expensive, making many wonder about the value of the ravin crossbow. The choice between TenPoint and Ravin crossbows will depend on your budget and the features you value most in a crossbow.

It’s essential to consider not only the initial cost of the crossbow, but also the long-term costs associated with maintenance and replacement parts. Both TenPoint and Ravin crossbows require periodic maintenance and replacement of strings, cables, and limbs to ensure optimal performance and longevity. When comparing costs, it’s crucial to factor in these ongoing expenses.

Best Crossbow for Your Budget

When choosing the best crossbow for your budget, consider factors such as performance, durability, and compatibility with hunting equipment. Both TenPoint and Ravin crossbows offer a range of models with varying features and price points. By assessing your budget and hunting requirements, you can select a crossbow that delivers outstanding performance and accuracy without breaking the bank.


In conclusion, both TenPoint and Ravin crossbows offer exceptional performance, innovative designs, and compatibility with various hunting equipment. The choice between these two brands ultimately depends on your personal preferences, budget, and hunting requirements. By carefully considering factors such as speed, accuracy, design, cocking and decocking mechanisms, durability, maintenance, and price, you can find the perfect crossbow to elevate your hunting experience.

Whether you’re a seasoned hunter or new to the world of crossbows, the thrilling battle between TenPoint and Ravin crossbows is sure to bring excitement and satisfaction to your hunting adventures. May the best crossbow win!

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is better Ravin or TenPoint?

When looking for accuracy and precision, TenPoint outperforms Ravin with custom arrows, however, it will void the warranty. On the other hand, Ravin is light-weight and more accurate with factory arrows, so it’s really a toss-up!

What is the maximum speed of TenPoint and Ravin crossbows?

Experience awesome speed with TenPoint and Ravin crossbows – maxing out at 500 fps! These crossbows are designed to be lightweight and easy to maneuver, making them perfect for hunting and target shooting. They also feature advanced safety features, so you can shoot with confidence.

How do TenPoint and Ravin crossbows compare in terms of accuracy?

TenPoint and Ravin crossbows both offer incredible accuracy with TenPoint offering 3 inches at 50 yards and Ravin only 2.7 inches, so you can expect to hit your target with precision!

This means that you can be sure of your shot, no matter which crossbow you choose. Both TenPoint and Ravin offer accuracy that is hard to beat. TenPoint offering 3 inches at 50 yards and Ravin only 2.7 inches, you can be sure of hitting the ball.

What are the main differences in cocking mechanisms between TenPoint and Ravin crossbows?

TenPoint offers two cocking systems – ACUdraw and ACUslide, both reducing draw weight to 5 lbs, while Ravin features the R20 system, which does the same.

Can I use custom arrows with my Ravin crossbow?

Unfortunately, using custom arrows with your Ravin crossbow will void its warranty! Keep that in mind when making your decision.

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