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The right crossbow target is an essential part of every archer’s journey to perfect their craft. With a wide variety of target types and materials available, finding the best crossbow targets for your needs can be a daunting task. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll break down the best crossbow targets of 2023, compare their pros and cons, and provide valuable tips for target selection, usage, and maintenance. So let’s dive in and explore what you need to know to make an informed decision.

Short Summary

  • This article reviews the best crossbow targets of 2023, including overall, bag, foam, 3D and discharge bag options.

  • Consider arrow compatibility and FPS ratings when selecting a target for maximum performance.

  • Proper maintenance is essential to ensure longevity, rotate regularly and create a backstop for safety.

Top Crossbow Targets for 2023

Navigating the world of crossbow targets can be overwhelming, but fear not. We’ve done the research and narrowed down the top contenders in various categories to make your decision-making process a breeze.

Whether you’re looking for the best overall, bag, foam, 3D, or discharge bag target, we’ve got you covered.

Best Crossbow Target: Block Infinity Crossbow Target

Best Overall Crossbow Target


  • 6-sided design with offset aiming points for longevity
  • PolyFusion layered foam stops arrows up to 500 fps
  • Compatible with field points and broadheads
  • Easy to remove arrows
  • Built-in handle

When it comes to the best crossbow target, the Block Infinity Crossbow Archery Target stands out from the crowd. Designed specifically for crossbows, this high-quality target features layered foam construction, available in two sizes, and offers high stopping power and easy bolt removal. This versatile and resilient archery target is suitable for both broadheads and field tips, making it an excellent choice for various shooting scenarios.

However, it’s essential to note that the Block Infinity Crossbow Target may not be as durable as some other options on the market. Despite this, it’s still an impressive choice for archers looking for a well-rounded target to hone their skills.

Best Bag Target: Morrell Yellow Jacket Crossbow Field Point Target

Best Bag Crossbow Target


  • Dimensions: 20x15x20
  • Crossbow and Compound Bow Approved up to 425 FPS
  • 2 shooting sides, 10 bullseyes

For those in search of the best archery bag target for crossbows, look no further than the Morrell Yellow Jacket Crossbow Field Point Target. This tough, weather-resistant, and portable archery target is perfect for field point arrows. It’s 100% weatherproof and features two sides with high visibility aiming points, off-centered to reduce the chances of passing through. With dimensions of 28x28x12 inches and a weight of 44 pounds, it’s a fantastic option for both casual practice and serious training.

It’s important to note that the Morrell Yellow Jacket Crossbow Field Point Target is unsuitable for broadhead arrows, so use it with field points for optimal performance.

Best Foam Target: Rinehart 18-1 Broadhead Target

Best for Broadheads


  • Target guaranteed for a Full Year! If you shoot out all 18 sides, Rinehart will replace it – guaranteed hassle-free.
  • 18 target zones, made from solid self-healing foam
  • Lightweight, built-in rope carry handle for easy transport
  • Extreme portability, weatherproof, cannot be crushed out of shape
  • Height: 15″ Length: 15″

When it comes to foam targets, the Rinehart 18-1 Broadhead Target takes the crown. This lightweight, portable target is specifically designed to shoot broadheads and features self-healing foam for impressive durability. The Rinehart 18-1 foam target offers 18 different targets presented at various angles, making it an excellent choice for improving precision from your crossbow, bolts, and scope and being a reliable crossbow broadhead target.

The dimensions of this target are 15x15x15 inches, making it a compact and convenient practice option for archers on the go. Remember that the fluorescent targets on the Rinehart 18-1 may not be as impressive as some users may prefer, but it’s still a top contender in the foam targets category with its long target life.

Best 3D Target: GlenDel Crossbow Buck 3D Target

Best 3D Crossbow Target


  • High quality 3D buck target for compound bow and crossbow hunters
  • Proven 4-sided, high density, replaceable vitals insert
  • PolyFusion core – easier arrow removal and extended target life
  • Offset shooting zones on all 4 sides – extends target life
  • Stops 400+ FPS bolts and arrows with field tips or broadheads

For a realistic and engaging practice experience, the GlenDel Crossbow Buck 3D Archery Target is an exceptional choice. This life-sized deer target measures 56 inches tall overall and 34 inches at the shoulder, with a replaceable insert core featuring markings for the heart, lungs, and liver. Suitable for both field points and broadheads, this durable crossbow target allows archers to hone their hunting skills in a realistic setting.

While the GlenDel Crossbow Buck 3D is on display, the GlenDel Crossbow Buck 3D target is still available. This durable target offers a realistic hunting practice experience for crossbow hunters, it may be more expensive and less portable than other target options. Nevertheless, it’s an excellent investment for those looking to sharpen their skills for deer hunting season.

Best Discharge Bag Target: Morrell Yellow Jacket Discharge Crossbow Target

Best Discharge Crossbow Target


  • (Field Point Only) Crossbow and Compound Bow Approved up to 500 FPS.
  • Weight: 9 lbs 
  • Dimensions: 10″ x 8″ x 15″
  • Easy arrow removal
  • Safely discharge your crossbow at the end of the day

Safety is paramount when it comes to handling a crossbow, and the Morrell Yellow Jacket Discharge Crossbow Target is the perfect solution for safely discharging your crossbow after a hunting trip. This portable and lightweight target is designed specifically for discharging crossbows and can withstand a maximum velocity of 400 feet per second.

It’s essential to replace the broadhead with a field tip before discharging your crossbow into the Morrell Yellow Jacket Discharge Crossbow Target to ensure proper performance and longevity.

Crossbow Target Materials: Pros and Cons

Now that we’ve explored the top crossbow targets in each category, let’s dive deeper into the materials used in their construction. Bag, foam block, and 3D targets each have unique advantages and disadvantages, and understanding these differences can help you make an informed decision when selecting the perfect target for your needs.

For bag targets, the most important factor is the material used in the construction. Most bags are not.

Bag Targets

Bag targets are an affordable and portable option for casual practice. They’re typically filled with materials that can stop crossbow bolts effectively and are easy to hang using grommets located at the top of the target. Bag targets are well-suited for field point arrows, but they’re not recommended for broadhead arrows as they may cause damage to the target or become lodged.

One downside to bag targets is their potential instability, which can make setup a bit more challenging.

Foam Block Targets

Foam block targets are lightweight and compact options that are suitable for use with broadhead arrows. They’re made from layers of foam that can effectively stop arrows while still allowing for relatively easy removal. However, foam block targets may be more difficult to remove arrows from compared to other target materials, as the foam layers can grip the arrow shaft tightly.

Despite this challenge, foam block targets are a popular choice for archers looking for a portable and versatile target option.

3D Targets

3D targets offer a realistic and engaging target practice experience for those looking to simulate real-life hunting scenarios. These targets are designed to resemble game animals and are typically made of foam or a combination of foam and plastic materials. While 3D targets provide an authentic hunting practice experience, they may be more expensive and less portable than other target options.

Nevertheless, 3D targets are an excellent investment for archers looking to hone their skills in a more realistic setting.

Choosing the Right Crossbow Target

With a better understanding of the various crossbow target types and materials, we can now explore the factors to consider when selecting the right target for your needs. Compatibility with arrows, maximum FPS ratings, and portability are essential aspects to take into account when making your decision.

By considering these factors, you’ll be well on your way to finding the best crossbow target to enhance your archery skills.

Arrow Compatibility

Ensuring that your chosen target is compatible with the type of arrows you’re using is crucial for optimal performance and target longevity. For instance, bag targets are best suited for field point arrows, while foam block targets and 3D targets can accommodate both field points and broadheads.

By selecting a target that is compatible with your arrows, you’ll ensure that your target can withstand the impact of your shots without sustaining damage, and you’ll also experience easy arrow removal, making the process much more convenient.

Maximum FPS Ratings

It’s essential to choose a target that can handle the specific FPS (feet per second) of your crossbow to prevent damage or injury. Each target has a maximum FPS rating, which indicates the speed at which it can safely stop crossbow bolts.

For example, the Morrell Yellow Jacket Crossbow Field Point Bag Target has a maximum FPS rating of 425 fps. By selecting a target with an appropriate FPS rating for your crossbow, you’ll ensure safe and effective practice sessions.

Portability and Weight

Lastly, consider the weight and portability of your crossbow target, especially if you plan to transport it frequently or use it in different locations. Some targets, such as foam block targets, are designed to be lightweight and easy to carry, while others, like larger 3D targets, may be more cumbersome when dealing with multiple targets.

By taking portability and weight into account, you can choose a target that best suits your needs and allows for convenient transport and setup in various practice environments.

Proper Crossbow Target Usage and Maintenance

To ensure the longevity of your crossbow target and maintain a safe practice environment, it’s crucial to follow proper usage and maintenance guidelines. By investing in a higher-quality target and adhering to best practices, you’ll not only extend the life of your target, but also improve your overall archery experience.

Regular maintenance and proper usage are essential for keeping your target in top condition. Inspect your target.

Rotating Targets

One essential aspect of proper crossbow target usage is regularly rotating the target to distribute wear and prevent damage to specific areas. By turning the target 180 degrees and shifting your shots around, you can avoid continuously hitting the same spot, which can cause the target to deteriorate more quickly.

Rotating the target also helps to rearrange the filling materials, further prolonging the target’s lifespan. This ensures that you get the most out of your target and can enjoy shooting for longer.

Creating a Backstop

Setting up a backstop behind your crossbow target is another vital safety measure to catch any missed or ricocheted shots, protecting both your target and the surrounding area. A backstop can be made from various materials, such as carpet, stall mats, bales of straw, or plywood, depending on your personal preferences and available resources.

By creating a sturdy and reliable backstop, you’ll minimize the likelihood of damage or injury, ensuring a safe and enjoyable archery practice session.


Crossbow target selection is a crucial aspect of every archer’s journey to perfect their skills. By understanding the different types and materials of targets, considering factors such as arrow compatibility, maximum FPS ratings, and portability, and following proper usage and maintenance guidelines, you’ll be well-equipped to make an informed decision. With the right crossbow target in hand, you’ll be on your way to mastering the art of archery and enjoying the thrill of the hunt.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best material for crossbow targets?

Block targets are the best choice when it comes to crossbow shooting with field-tips, due to their dense packing and heavy material inside which prevents too much movement. Foam blocks will also provide a suitable target for firing broadheads into.

What is the best target for a high speed crossbow?

We recommend the block infinity crossbow target for high speed crossbows.

Do I need a special target for a crossbow?

For crossbow use, you should buy a target that was manufactured for that purpose and rated for the same or higher arrow speed as your bow. Additionally, check if the target can accommodate field points only, or both field points and broadheads.

Are bag targets suitable for broadhead arrows?

Bag targets are not suitable for broadhead arrows and should be used only with field point arrows.

What is the importance of rotating a target?

Rotating a crossbow target regularly helps to evenly distribute wear, so that damage is not concentrated in one spot, thus extending its life expectancy. This simple practice can help ensure that the target lasts longer and can be used for more practice sessions.

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